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The latest issue of FLYER out now! Packed full of features, the current issue includes a flight in the S-20 Raven, the latest design from RANS. Ian Seager discovers this lightweight side-by-side taildragger has crisp handling and is great fun to fly. Go air racing with Bob Ellis as he enters his first season of handicapped air racing, and finds it’s a great opportunity to improve his flying skills and take part in an active post-race social scene. Plus, if you’re confused by ADS-B, then find some enlightenment by reading our “made simpler” guide, or get some great advice from our new Engineering Essentials feature on post-winter aircraft inspection. Elsewhere in the issue, Joe Fournier analyses pilot hypoxia events, and warns of its very gradual, but deadly side effects of loss of co-ordination, reduced visual acuity and failing memory. With a test of the BendixKing KLR 10 lift reserve indicator, a 3,216 mile Baltic flying adventure in a Cessna 150, plus the chance to save £65 in landing fees, the latest news, comments, events and much more – it’s easy to see why FLYER is the brightest and most-read GA title in the UK.

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