Vintage cars v aircraft and STOL competition

Vintage Air Rally

Vintage Air Rally has announced two more events for this summer. They are Dover2Dunkirk over 9-12 May and a STOL competition at Knokke-Heist, on the Belgian coast, from 14-17 June.

The Dover2Dunkirk is, as the name suggests, from France to the UK, and pits 20 vintage cars against 20 vintage biplanes.

It starts with all contestants arriving at Les Moeres (Dunkerque) Airfield on the 9th. The following day, aircraft will take part in a STOL competition while the cars have a quarter-mile timed run along the runway.

On the 11th, the aircraft fly to Walmer Aerodrome, near Dover, opened for the first time since 1919, while cars take the Channel ferry.

Vintage Air Rally

Dover2Dunkirk event from Vintage Air Rally pits biplanes aganist vintage cars. Photos: @Beatrice De Smet

Organiser Sam Rutherford explains: “We’re racing vintage cars against biplanes, doing a flyby of the ferry carrying the cars across the channel (whilst they watch and enjoy a glass of champagne!), using an airfield closed since 1919, having one of the UK’s most famous castles welcome our arrival with cannonfire… and that’s just part of it.”

The event is open to all biplanes and cars from 1946 or before. Everyone and everything will be  1920s themed.

“We also achieve the holy grail of aeroplane events – no taxis, none!” says Rutherford. “We fly directly to every place we sleep, eat or dine. No longer a privilege of helicopter pilots, with a little preparation work we’ve achieved the same for aeroplanes.”

More here:

The STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) competition is on the beach at Knokke-Heist, 14-17 June 2018. It is open to a wide range of aircraft with separate categories and awards.

The organisers have released this video:

More info here:


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