Where have members been flying this month?

Many members have found great weather to fly in.

Welcome to the new FLYER Club members amongst you. We’re into that time of the year now where flying seems rare and the dates between our logbook entries increase. Also, there always seems to be a day on which the flies disappear from the leading edges of our wings and the mud first starts to coat our tyres and spats. It’s as though the flying gods don’t want to give us any rest from cleaning. I don’t relish the idea of buckets of cold water and sponges in deepest winter but, alas, it is a good discipline. 

Shorter days mean we’ve all, inevitably, got to find other things to do when we’re unable to fly. For me, that’s meant dusting off Microsoft’s new flight simulator because it offers a quick flying fix, in a very realistic world. I don’t know how useful it really is at preventing skill fade, but I like to think that it has some benefits when the sun has set or the winter cloud is too low.

So, where have members been flying to this month?

Rachel Ramsay flying the R44.
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