FLYER June 2022

This is the first edition of the new look FLYER, the June 2022 edition. It’s a compilation of selected articles we have uploaded to this website over the past four weeks. You can download it as a pdf for reading offline using whatever device you prefer.

Alternatively, you could read those same articles here, on this website. There are links in the descriptions below.

AERO22 at Friedrichshafen, Germany… Europe’s top General Aviation show and held this April for the first time for two years. What a show it turned out to be with lots of new aircraft, new ideas, news and huge enthusiasm and energy from the light aircraft industry. Read (and watch our videos).

It’s Spring and the weather is getting better for flying but can still be a challenge. FLYER weatherman Dr Simon Keeling provides Ten Top Weather Tips for Flight Planning in Spring.

Has your aircraft been inactive over winter? Jerry Parr runs through the essential actions you should take to make sure it’s all working well. Read that article.

This issue’s Flying Adventure tells how Georg Gruber and Dick Beath packed their Piper Cherokee Six with essential supplies for Ukraine, and flew to Poland where it was all transferred to cars for onward travel. Read Georg’s article.

Ian Seager writes about EASA’s plan for Part M Light, which will make it much easier for smaller manufacturers to produce new aircraft and wonders whether the UK CAA will adopt the system.

Mark Hales asks for more… more power that is, as his homemade diesel project nears completion.

Dave Hirschman writes about learning about flying… from the aeroplanes he’s flown.

And welcome to Cat Burton who is our new Safety Editor. Cat’s first Accident Analysis is here, and Accident Reports are here.

The very best way to read the magazine whether on a phone, tablet or desktop is via this website. All of our content is fully searchable, and we’ve worked hard to make it a great experience. If you’re heading somewhere with no connectivity and you want your FLYER fix (and who could blame you?) we’ve created a pdf of the month’s content for you to download.

FLYER magazine June 2022

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