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Landing fees sponsored by Pooley’s Flight Equipment.   

There are many benefits to being a member of the FLYER Club – and FLYER‘s famous free landing fee vouchers are just one. Every month, you can save money using the free landing fees and it won’t take long to cover the cost of the membership!

So, if you’re a member of the FLYER Club, log in and claim your personalised free landing fee vouchers. They are valid for one landing at the participating airfields so long as it’s not the aircraft’s home field. Not valid for jets.

FLYER Club benefits

  • FREE landing fees each month
  • Weekly video weather briefing from Simon Keeling of Weatherschool
  • Exclusive webinars on specialist subjects. Recent ones include flying abroad, IFR flying and airframe icing
  • Discounts with pilot suppliers such as Pooleys and Transair
  • Special offers such as a Spitfire simulator
  • Top Gun Experience flights with Ultimate High

This list is being added to every month.

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