Are light sport eVTOLs the future of fun flying?

Skyfly Axe eVTOL
Skyfly Axe eVTOL

A new class of light weight electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft is emerging with the UK’s Skyfly Axe and Italy’s Jetson One both taking steps forward in recent weeks.

Skyfly, led by Dr Bill Brooks, is set to start manned flights in December 2023 with first deliveries in late 2024. The company is also encouraged by proposed changes to Light Sport Aircraft regulations in the US which would allow the Axe to be flown using a Sport Pilot Certificate as well as a PPL holder.

Meanwhile Jetson has just demonstrated the One eVTOL at the exclusive UP.Summit in Dallas, USA as well as signing record producer and singer as an investor in the company. This week, Jetson is taking part in a ZeroEmission Mediterranean conference in Rome.

US regs change helps Axe

The new US regs, known as Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certification (MOSAIC), recognise electric propulsion for the first time and say Light Sport Aircraft can have ‘any number or type of powerplants’.

“Most eVTOLs will not be covered by the new rules as powered lift aircraft are explicitly excluded from being considered LSAs,” said a Skyfly statement. “However, the Axe qualifies as an LSA thanks to its unique four wings giving aerodynamic lift and its fixed 45 degree angle rotors which make it capable of operating as a normal airplane.”

Skyfly now has two years of test flying the prototype, and the team has seven full time engineers as well as three contractors, led by Bill Brooks. The Axe is priced from $180,000 and can be ordered now.

Skyfly Axe

Demo flights in the Jetson One

The single-seat Jetson One is already giving demo flights in the hands of the company co-founder and chief technical officer Tomasz Patan.

It recently raised $15m seed money with former Black Eyes Peas singer (full name William James Adams) as one of the investors.

“I’m proud to be a part of the Jetson family and support the company’s mission to democratize flight, opening the skies to all. Personal aircraft ideal for short point-to-point flights will soon be a reality,” said, who these days is also a tech entrepreneur.

Jetson Rome

Jetson is taking part in a ZeroEmission conference in Rome this week

Stephan D’haene, Jetson CEO, added, “This may be the biggest opportunity in aviation since the Wright brothers took flight. Today, there is an existing market that is a profitable business for a single-seat recreational aircraft. We are starting the first shipments already next year and will open our A-round soon to accelerate our growth.”

Jetson says it has sold more than 300 units already at a price of $98,000 each, and operates from Arezzo, Tuscany and has a private airfield near Florence.



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