Avidyne previews PilotEye AI-based Vision System

avidyne piloteye

Avionics company Avidyne is working with Swiss specialists Daedalean to develop, manufacture and certify Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for General Aviation. The app is  known as the Avidyne PilotEye™ Vision System.

“We are combining the industry-leading artificial intelligence neural network software and certification methodology pioneered by Daedalean, with the proven hardware design, manufacturing and certification expertise here at Avidyne,” said Avidyne president Dan Schwinn.

“Leveraging advanced AI technologies, these solutions will initially include visual-spectrum camera-based systems for visual positioning and traffic detection, hazard avoidance, and landing guidance, as well as providing the data that pilots need for quicker and more-accurate land-anywhere decision-making assistance in the event of emergency.”

Luuk van Dijk, Daedalean’s Founder and CEO, added, “Certification of safety-critical AI based systems is a paradigm shift in aviation.

“Together, we will be bringing new products to market that improve the pilot’s situational awareness and enable safe and successful completion of any given mission being flown, whether it’s fixed-wing, rotorcraft, Advanced Air Mobility, eVTOL, or larger autonomous drones.”

avidyne piloteye

Avidyne’s PilotEye—powered by Daedalean–is General Aviation’s first AI-based onboard pilot aid system. PilotEye serves as an additional set of eyes in the cockpit providing visual detection of airborne hazards, including non-cooperative traffic such as aircraft not equipped with ADS-B, drones, and birds.

Avidyne says the advantages include:

  • Pilot advisories for fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft and full autonomy for future aircraft
  • Continuously scan the sky for traffic and other airborne hazards
  • Identify suitable landing areas in the event of emergency
  • See far more than human eyes
  • Never distracted
  • Provide dissimilar, redundant guidance source, enabling safe and autonomous operation
  • Can be combined with other data sources and merged onto a single intuitive display.

Avidyne and Daedalean will be making additional AI-based product announcements in coming months.  PilotEye pricing and availability will be made public later this year.

Avidyne PilotEye
Daedalean AG


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