Back in time with the modern Locamp

Aerolab Locamp

Airline pilot Francesco Rizzi had a dream when he retired as a captain with Alitalia, the Italian national carrier: to design, build and manufacture an aircraft with ‘soul’. In fact, he designed three, all with retro features: the Locamp (low wing), the Hicamp (high wing) and Bicamp (guess!). That was back in 2001 and just a mere 15 years later, the first finished aircraft has made its first flight.

The maiden flight of the Locamp, powered by a 110hp Rotec radial engine, happened just before Christmas in the hands of Ed Leineweber, a lawyer who also happens to be a keen pilot. Ed appreciated the Locamp so much when it first appeared at the 2006 Sun’n Fun show, that he became the US distributor.

The company founded by Rizzi, Aerolab SRL, based in Italy, came to halt during the world recession just after that SNF debut. But now Leineweber is breathing life back into the project. He plans to offer the Locamp as a kit costing $39,000. Adding the Rotec R2800 engine and other equipment will bring the base price up to around $70,000.


Ed Leineweber has stepped up to make the Locamp a flying reality.

“These aircraft might look romantic, but under the skin they are thoroughly modern, state-of the-art flying machines,” said Leineweber. “All parts are CAD-designed and produced by CNC/laser cutting equipment to exacting tolerances and perfect finish. The LoCamp is currently available as a 49% Experimental Amateur-built, Sport Pilot-eligible kit. A fully-manufactured Special Light Sport (S-LSA) version is under development.

“The first flight was short, only about ten minutes, but the aircraft performed flawlessly and flew beautifully,” continued Leineweber. “Light and harmonious controls combined with impressive throttle responsiveness from the Rotec R2800, making the overall aircraft performance a satisfying pleasure to experience. I’ve now made a second flight, this one 30 minutes, and can only say that I am even more excited.”


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