Blackfly, now Pivotal Helix, goes on sale in US

Pivotal Helix in hover mode
Pivotal Helix in hover mode

+VIDEO The Opener Blackfly is no longer. It’s now the Pivotal Helix and the weird single-seat all-electric flying thing has gone on sale in the US at a base price of $190,000.

Customers can place orders for delivery in the US on Pivotal’s website. First customer shipments begin on June 10, 2024.

The Helix can be flown in the US without a pilot’s licence as it’s the FAA Part 103 (Ultralight) category.

However, training is required, said Pivotal. “All Helix pilots must successfully complete comprehensive initial and periodic recurrent flight training to support safe operations in all situations.”

The Helix is flown using ‘intuitive’ joystick controls, guided by a simple user interface.

“At the heart of this single-seat vehicle lies a robust fault-tolerant design, bolstered by triple modular flight control systems for safety and reliability,” said a statement from Pivotal.

“Efficient, compact, and simple, the Helix is transportable and easy to assemble — from storage to sky in 30 minutes. It disassembles to fit into a 16-foot trailer.”

Ken Karklin, Pivotal CEO, added, “The market is ready for the wonder of aerial recreation and short-hop eVTOL travel. We are ready to provide the beauty and freedom of personal flight to a whole lot of people with a passion for flying and an interest in creating a new generation of aviators and aviation.”

Pivotal Helix can be ordered with its own special trailer

Pivotal Helix can be ordered with its own special trailer

Helix Packages

The Helix is offered in three configurations, with further options:.

  • Package 1 offers a white and carbon fibre exterior finish and includes a digital flight panel, canopy, HD landing camera, charger, vehicle cart, custom marking, comprehensive pilot training, and warranty; base price $190,000.
  • Package 2 offers a gloss white and striped carbon fibre exterior finish and includes the features above, plus a trailer with dual wing cart; 4k camera with landing assist, recording, and sharing features; ADS-B air traffic system; two chargers; and enhanced warranty; base price $240,000.
  • Package 3 offers an exterior in gloss white, carbon fiber, with custom accent color and includes the features above, plus a premium flight deck, three chargers, beacon aircraft lighting; integrated emergency locator transmitter, one additional training slot for a friend or family member; and the option to fully customise the exterior at additional cost, design dependent; base price $260,000.



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