BMAA partners with JMB to bring rocketship to UK

JMB VL3 with 160hp Rotax 916iS engine
JMB VL3 with 160hp Rotax 916iS engine

The 600kg two-seat VL3 microlight is on its way to the UK, thanks to the British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) which has announced a partnership with manufacturer JMB Aircraft.

Lukas Bestajovsky of JMB said, “We are thrilled to partner with the BMAA to bring the VL-3 to UK skies!”

Lukas, currently heading up sales in the US, has been with the company for many years and has gained wide expertise in aircraft certification.

Rob Hughes, BMAA CEO, added, “We are delighted that JMB has chosen BMAA to undertake this project. It demonstrates our position as the leading UK organisation in this thriving sector of aviation.”

No timescale has been shared but the BMAA said that May’s Microlight Trade Show at Popham will be an ‘unmissable event’.

The JMB VL-3 is a full carbon fibre monocoque, low-wing. light sport microlight with an MTOW of 600kg. Engine options vary from the Rotax 912ULS and 912iS or the Rotax 915is and now 916iS with 160hp.

Standard equipment includes constant speed propellor, retractable undercarriage, touch screen avionics and two-axis autopilot.

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