Brize/Oxford airspace: 'set up for infringment'

Brize Norton airspace

+VIDEO Just how are General Aviation pilots supposed to navigate through the slice of middle England airspace being proposed by RAF Brize Norton and London Oxford Airport?

Steve Noujaim, a professional pilot as well as a kitplane builder and flyer, is the lead for the General Aviation Alliance which has tried to moderate the airspace changes put forward by both parties.

In Steve’s view, the latest proposal is “a disproportionate solution to what’s actually a simple problem.

“There are 16 different pieces of airspace with varying top and lower altitudes and varying classifications. For me, it’s set up for infringement. It will require a lot of work by General Aviation to understand how this is supposed to work.”

Steve said a lot more in this video interview with FLYER‘s Ian Seager:


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  • Lyndon Griffith says:

    Thanks to Steve & his colleagues for standing up and doing their best to defend our corner.
    Planning VFR flights this year, in spite of the lack of air displays and events involving the Red Arrows, and others that create a plethora of Mauve AIC’s, (all greatly reduced by Covid 19) has not made the task any easier than during past years.
    Going anywhere in a straight line at a set Alt. for a distance of 50 miles is almost an impossibility throughout vast swathes of southern UK airspace.
    There also appear to be numerous exercises taking place, with no explicit details as to whether the areas are actually of a restricted nature.
    It is getting harder and harder and I can appreciate the concerns that many will give up bashing their heads against an increasingly difficult proposition.

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