CAA launches second consultation on Pilot Medical Declaration changes

pilots in cockpit of light aircraft
Photo: CAA

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has opened a second consultation on the final proposed changes to the Pilot Medical Declaration (PMD) system for general aviation (GA) pilots.

The PMD was introduced in August 2016 to offer pilots a simplified way to self-declare they are medically fit to fly.  

Among the items proposed and being consulted on:

  • PMD to be restricted to aircraft max weight of 2,000kg
  • Must have Driving Licence or get a GP declaration saying you meet requirements for one
  • Up to age 60: 5 yearly renewal
  • Over 60: two yearly renewal
  • Educational material as part of issue and renewal
  • Printed PMD including expiry date
  • Sailplane Licence and Balloon Pilot Licence pilots can use PMD for supervised solo flights
  • Removing psychiatric medication aspect for those who fly aircraft with maximum take-off weight up to 2,000kg
  • Microlights & Gyro instructors should be able to continue to train with a PMD
  • Up to three passengers for cost-sharing is currently OK with PMD – can this continue?
  • Should there be a passenger restriction for PMD pilots?
  • Allowing Part-FCL licence holders to exercise Instrument Rating Restricted (IRR) privileges under a PMD.

Michael Macdonald, Co-Head of General Aviation & RPAS at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, said:  “We are committed to ensuring that the Pilot Medical Declaration scheme is effective and fit for purpose for general aviation pilots.

“The proposed changes represent some moderate measures to update the way pilots self-declare their fitness. We continue to support PMD as a useful and proportionate tool to enable pilots in their flying.”

The consultation will be open for eight weeks and will close on 4 January 2024. Responses should be submitted online here


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