CAA reports results of CO detector trial

Over 80% of pilots taking part in a CAA trial of carbon monoxide detectors said they had no CO alerts, according to a CAA report issued today.

The trial was launched in September 2021.

“By working closely with GA pilots who currently fly with active CO detectors on a voluntary basis, we hope to understand how these devices perform over the course of a full flying season in a variety of aircraft and what the experience of using these devices has been,” said a CAA statement. “The trial will also help us understand to what extent carbon monoxide affects UK GA.”:

Key findings in the initial report which covers the quarter year to December 2021:

  • 86 registered participants
  • 90 individual aircraft 66% CofA aircraft, 33% Permit
  • 40% of the aircraft are 41+ years old
  • Over 80% reported no CO alerts during the three months
  • 25 reports of CO alerts
  • 22 on aircraft that are at least 31 years old
  • Majority involved low CO levels (under 50 ppm)
  • No reports of CO poisoning symptoms (dizziness, headache or fatigue).

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The CAA also conducted a survey on pilots’ experiences of CO detectors. The results of that survey are in the infographic below, issued by the CAA.

CAA CO2 trial


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