CAA sets out refreshed Airspace Modernisation Strategy

Lower Airspace
CAA infographic on how Lower Airspace will work

The CAA has set out a vision for the future of UK airspace in its refreshed Airspace Modernisation Strategy (AMS).

The AMS attempts to integrate all airspace users including new types of aircraft such as drones, aerial taxis (known as eVTOL) and spacecraft.

However, the CAA is clear that “the AMS does not itself propose specific airspace changes, but a key deliverable is a masterplan of airspace changes that will be necessary for modernisation”.

Click here to download an infographic of how the CAA sees Lower Airspace (our bit!) changing

The refreshed Airspace Modernisation Strategy includes:

  • Measures to maintain and, where possible, improve the UK’s high levels of aviation safety
  • Simpler airspace design and supporting regulations
  • To introduce environmental sustainability as an overarching principle
  • To meet the UK’s international obligations, aligning delivery of the strategy with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s Global Air Navigation Plan and ensuring interoperability of the UK network with our neighbours
  • A clear strategic path for regulatory policy and requirements now that the UK has left the EU and the EU Aviation Safety Agency.

Working with the Department for Transport, the UK Civil Aviation Authority developed the refreshed strategy over the last year after wide engagement with airports, airlines, the general aviation community, innovators, and community groups.

Tim Johnson, Director for Strategy and Policy at the UK Civil Aviation Authority said, “The strategic vision set out in our refreshed strategy gives us a direction of travel that guides airspace modernisation.

“It will help make our airspace more environmentally friendly and sustainable, and deliver the many benefits of airspace modernisation.

“Alongside existing users of airspace like commercial air transport, business aviation, recreational flyers and the military, there are new parts of the sector which need to be integrated safely into our existing airspace network.

“Our strategy enables these different groups to use airspace alongside each other and is a fundamental principle of the strategy.”

More about the Airspace Modernisation Strategy


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