CAA warns of hot VFR moving map devices failing

The CAA has just issued a warning and advice for pilots about VFR moving map devices which may not be coping with the current heatwave covering much of the UK.

The CAA Skywise alert said, “Last summer we had reports of tablets and mobiles overheating in the cockpit and shutting down, leading to a rise in Airspace Infringements.

“The hot weather is back, so make sure you have a back-up plan in case you lose your VFR moving map in flight.”

The CAA points out that a second electronic device may also fail and suggests:

  • Be prepared to orbit/hold in your position to assess the situation or fly away from controlled airspace before trying any equipment resets.
  • Carry a chart that is marked-up with your route.
  • Carry a printed PLOG.
  • Be aware of turbulence and thermals that add to the challenges of level flight.
  • Are you planning to TAKE 2*? Maybe that needs to be increased when possible.
  • Have your radio set to a relevant ATC frequency and call for navigational assistance if you are unsure of your exact location.
  • ATC is there to help. If in doubt call D&D on 121.500 MHZ (callsign London Centre).

* TAKE 2:  2 nautical miles horizontally and 200 feet vertically

CAA Skywise


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  • benellis says:

    That’d be Apple devices. Generally, in my experience, Android devices such as Samsung are more tolerant of temperature variations.
    Of course, the proper option is a panel-mounted certified device or even the portables such as the Garmin AERA 660 are specifically designed for this environment.
    It’s pence to print out a map and draw a line on it.

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