CAA's GA Team issues end of 2021 school report

The CAA’s General Aviation (GA) Team has issued its end of 2021 report, saying that it has made “considerable progress in its aim to radically improve the regulation of GA in the UK”.

The GA Team says it made significant progress in Q4 of 2021 on several tactical projects, including:

  • The Air Worthiness Skyway Code (to be published in 2022)
  • The Carbon Monoxide Detectors (CODE) project, on which a quarterly update will be published by March
  • Reviewing its approach to how we might enable greater delegation to the British Gliding Association
  • Examining the possibilities around Unleaded Aviation Fuels
  • Several lines of work to support Historic Aircraft
  • Reviewing stakeholder engagement arrangements along with colleagues at Department for Transport
  • Looking at Airfield Innovation.

The GA Team is also developing a number of strategic projects including simplification and rationalisation of licensing and training, the review of Pilot Medical declarations and, soon to start ,the simplification and rationalisation of maintenance organisations.


Cost-sharing is an area the CAA GA Unit is looking at. Photo: Wingly. Top photo: Sophie O’Sullivan, Head of the CAA’s GA Unit

Sophie O’Sullivan, Head of GA & RPAS said, “Over the course of 2021, the GA Team were able to re-focus and re-prioritise aligned with what we believe the UK GA community of pilots wants.

“The insight and learnings we have gleaned from the findings of CAP1985; UK General Aviation opportunities after leaving EASA – a consultation.

“We are looking forward to continuing with this work and build and develop on new initiatives. With COVID-19 restrictions continuing to ease we hope we will be able to meet with more of you in the coming weeks and months.”

Achievements over the past three months include:

  • CAP2270: Consultation on Cost Sharing regulations for private pilots (read more on that story here)
  • Autumn Virtual Voyage series for the GA community. These three live sessions with an audience of 1,350 included presentations and updates on the GA consultation, UK-EU transition impact on licensing, Licensing and Medical updates as well as animations and live Q&A’s each night
  • ‘Community in Spotlight’. Led by the GA & RPAS Unit, this activity proved an opportunity for General Aviation Partnership (GAP) members to talk about their community and membership organisation
  • Display Authorisation Evaluators (DAE’s) symposium was held in December including a virtual address from Sir Stephen Hillier, Chair of the CAA who also attended a live panel Q&A alongside other members of the CAA
  • The latest publication of the new Safety Sense Leaflets. SSL: VFR Moving Maps and SSL: Winter Flying
  • Our new and improved information on planning and preparation for flying in Winter
  • In collaboration with the Department for Transport, it has published Flying Heritage. A deep dive into the work of the GA team in the world of historic aviation as well as interview with the Minister for Aviation, Robert Courts, MP and several case studies.

CAA GA Unit 2021 report



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