Cirrus launches G7 models with touchscreen avionics

New Cirrus G7 interior with touchscreen avionics

Cirrus Aircraft today launched the latest upgrade to its best selling SR series aircraft, bringing new avionics and upgraded safety features to the high performance sales leader.

While the new aircraft would be hard to differentiate from the outside (there are some minor changes and some new colour schemes), inside it’s all change. Instead of the Garmin Perspective screens, the cockpit is now dominated by a pair of 12 or 14 inch Cirrus Perspective Touch+ screens from Garmin, along with two Garmin Touch controllers.

In addition to having a higher resolution, there’s now a higher level of systems integration. The SF50 VisionJet has three of the same screens and controllers, making transition between types easier. 

Cirrus G7 centre console

The new screens have also changed the interior layout, and forward visibility has improved thanks to a glareshield that now sits lower. Additionally the key has been replaced by a push to start button, the side yoke has been updated and now has haptic stall warning incorporated. The fuel selector valve now sits under a flap, and although tanks can be changed manually, it automatically switches every five gallons. 

We’ve yet to see the G7 in the flesh, but FLYER did get a remote video walkthrough from Product Director Ivy McIver (see below), and we’ll be flying a new G7 in the near future. 

Cirrus SR22 G7


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