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We all know the enormous changes businesses have made since the pandemic in 2020. And publishing is no exception. But at FLYER we are at the forefront of the digital revolution – and we want you with us!

The world of magazine and newspaper publishing is going through turmoil at the moment. In fact, many would say it’s been happening for at least the past five years. The internet and changing habits mean print publications are enduring a slow death by a thousand cuts.

The Covid pandemic merely hastened that process.

Right at the beginning of the first lockdown, back in spring 2020, FLYER became a digital publication. 

With newsagents closed, high streets empty, stations and airports with no public footfall, consequently sales of all print publications were decimated overnight. With 80% or more of print publications being returned to publishers by the newstrade unsold, and then ‘pulped’, the ‘digital decision’ was a no brainer.

Since then, we have persevered and thrived, gradually becoming more aware of how to make things work in a digital world (and how not to!), and here we are in 2023 as The FLYER Club – your FLYER Club. 

We have a content-filled website, incredible interaction with our community, and produce words, photos, videos, livestreams and webinars.

It’s wide open throttle (one of my favourite expressions) content production that’s exciting, frustrating and challenging all at the same time.

Over this year, we’ll be moving FLYER deeper into this digital world, with fewer conventional words and still photo articles.

News will remain as a constant, while video and different ways of presenting subjects will move up the order. As always, we strive to be relevant as possible and we devour every bit of feedback and analysis we can find in our efforts to stay that way.

One of the ways in which change has already manifested itself is in last year’s #FLY2022, challenge, where we set the FLYER community the modest target of flying for 2,022 minutes during the year.

We published some of the reports we had from pilots last year (click here for that article) and announced the winners of the prizes on the FLYER Livestream on 5 January 2023 (click here to watch).

And the good news is… there will be a #FLY2023. The idea is fundamentally the same: fly 2,023 minutes during 2023 – and tell us about your progress and high (and low) spots. 

But for 2023 we’re adding an extra element: fly to 23 different airfields. 

Now that is a challenge for some, but a realistic and worthy target. For a start, it will bring visitors to our airfields and the businesses that exist on them.

To help that process along, we’ll be compiling articles and videos on various airfields during the year. Which would you like to be featured? Let us know!

Click here for the #FLY2023 Forum


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