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The sky's the limit with our Learn To Fly Guide!

Longing to learn to fly? Puzzled by the maze of choices and decisions? We have the answer

What does it cost to learn to fly an aircraft? That’s the question we’ve set out to answer this issue with the first of our four-part series on that very subject.

We kick off with the standard UK CAA Private Pilot’s Licence for Aeroplanes, the PPL(A), and we’ll look at helicopters, microlights and gyrocopters in months to come. One thing is clear already, it ain’t cheap – but then again flying never has been.

There are deals out there on complete courses – it was such an offer from Tayside Aviation that prompted us to get on with this article. 

But as Yayeri, our writer, points out, the deals are often based on a student pilot completing the course in the 45 flying hours required for the PPL(A). However, not many people manage to finish in that time. It seems 55 to 60 flying hours is more like the norm, which means you need to budget that bit extra.

And while you can find a wide spread of flying school rates, it’s always good to find a school reasonably close to where you live. You don’t want to be driving for hours for a flying lesson and, the school (or club) will become more than just the place you learn to fly. You’re likely to make friends and continue flying with them once you have passed the Skill Test.

In fact, FLYER has covered all aspects of learning to fly in our Learn To Fly Guide, a dedicated section of the website. There are articles – all free to read, by the way – on medicals, ground exams, the PPL course, add-on ratings, becoming a commercial pilot, building your own aircraft and much more.

Click here to go to the Learn To Fly Guide. It’s a micro-site – and is constantly being updated.


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