Cotswold Airport building GA activity with GPS approach

Cotswold Airport Kemble runway 08

With all the uncertainty facing many UK airfields, it’s cheering to hear of one that’s planning for the future. Cotswold Airport – Kemble to many of us – is pursuing a policy of developing its General Aviation facilities and businesses, and wants to attact more GA movements.

The new airport manager, Christian Ackroyd, a resident GA pilot himself, has a five-year strategy to 1) streamline operational development, 2) diversify aviation activities and 3) deliver an adverse weather approach.

Cotswold Airport is currently a VFR only airfield but it is working with the CAA to implement a GNSS LPV (GPS) approach to its 1,973m runway.

“An IMC approach will support the current level of corporate jet movements and Category D large airliners whose fate is either to be salvaged for reusable components or recommissioning through Air Salvage International,” Christian told FLYER.

“The airfield is FISO controlled and in open Class G airspace, thus deconfliction between aircraft on an approved approach and GA traffic is paramount to both safety and its GA development.”

Cotswold Airport tower

The tower at Cotswold Airport (Kemble) with the AV8 restaurant in the background. Top: you can’t miss this runway, once home to the Red Arrows.

Despite the corporate and Cat D jet movements, “the heart of Cotswold Airport firmly remains with GA”. It supports three flight schools, commercial helicopter training and has the excellent AV8 restaurant.

The Airport currently has an offer of a free hot drink from AV8 for visiting pilots who take at least 50 litres of fuel, which will run throughout the summer.

Cotswold Airport


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