UPDATED: Dates for beach landings

Eurostar on Morecambe Beach

UPDATED Six dates have been identified for possible landings by powered aircraft of all types on Lancashire’s Morecambe Beach.

“This is a fun event for pilots and a unique opportunity to land on the Lancashire Riviera on the golden sands of Morecambe Bay,” said the Northern Aviators who organise the landings.

“Due to the nature of this event we have to be very flexible when it takes place.

“Not only do we have to have good weather for the aircraft but we also need the tide to be out and have the conditions suitable for the fly-in.

“Having identified the dates for the year we will go for the first available opportunity to do the fly-in and publish this on the Thursday prior to the weekend date.

“All types of aircraft are welcome including General Aviation, Light Aircraft, Microlights and Autogyros.”

UPDATE 13 June 2024 From Northern Aviators: “Lancashire Landing won’t go ahead this Saturday due to crap forecast. We have taken advice on July date which will also be deleted due to tide issues so next date is August one.”

These are the possible dates:

  • 15 June
  • 20 July
  • 17 August
  • 31 August
  • 14 September
  • 28 September

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Richard Bennison landing on Morecambe Beach in his Van's RV-6

Richard Bennison landing on Morecambe Beach in his Van’s RV-6

Richard Bennison writes: For a number of years I’ve enjoyed supporting our local Lancashire Infantry Regiment, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers – Bandsman Lee Rigby’s unit – by flying into the ‘Lancashire Landing’ at Knott End Sands.

Organised by Northern Aviators, and the Bay Flying Club at Rossall, this is an opportunity to land on a large expanse of firm sand with over 2km available thus little chance of an overrun.

A number of dates are identified from the Almanac and a relatively short notice go-decision taken given the right weather and tide conditions.

My first visit was in 2014 in my PA-28 share-o-plane and it was a very novel experience. I took off from Manchester Ringway and landed on a beach almost as long as the main runway!

The sand was so firm I hardly left any tyre tracks…

The next visit was in 2018 in my Van’s RV-6 with similar conditions enlivened by spotting a dog walker during the roll-out who seemed oblivious to all the aviation activity.

Last year I went in an EV-97 Eurostar – nice weather but slightly softer sand so glad I wasn’t in something heavier.

A donation to the charity at the beach control point – a tent – and then ‘ashore’ for proper fish and chips makes for a very unique flying adventure!



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