e-Go delivers first production SSDR aircraft

e-Go launch

The first customer for the e-Go SSDR aircraft took delivery of his aircraft today, Tuesday, 7 June. He is William Burnett who, since placing his order, has become CEO of e-Go Aeroplanes. His aircraft is an e-Go+, fitted with more equipment than the basic e-Go.

William Burnett e-go

William Burnett with his brand new e-Go+.

The delivery was made at a special launch at e-Go’s Cambridgeshire base, with the aircraft having a car show-like reveal. Both FLYER editor Ed Hicks and publisher Ian Seager were invited. Ed said, “The aircraft is not painted, but is vinyl wrapped, something that will be on all aircraft. The fit and finish both inside and out of the production aircraft is extremely high.

“There are two levels of e-Go,” continued Ed. “The basic version keeps to the £50k +vat price tag, though it’s quite bare bones. The e-Go+ is £60k + vat. They plan to deliver two more aircraft this year.”

e-Go cockpit

Cockpit of the production e-Go+. A more basic cheaper version will also be available. [Photos: Ed Hicks]


“The big news is that Keith Dennison [test pilot] is expanding the flight envelope with basic aerobatics. Yes, aerobatics! They have confirmed with the CAA’s Tony Rapson [head of the General Aviation unit] that SSDRs aren’t prohibited from doing aerobatics. It’s not, but is down to the manufacturer to confirm that the design has sufficient strength and the handling qualities to make them possible.

“If you’re attending AeroExpo, then you can expect to see an ‘enhanced’ e-Go air display.”

e-Go Aeroplanes


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