Electric Bristell B23 Energic order book opens

Bristell B23 Energic
Bristell B23 Energic

The Bristell B23 Energic fully-electric two-seat training aircraft has gone on sale ahead of expected EASA CS-23 certification.

The Energic is priced at 400,000 euro, said Martin Bristela, CEO of BRM Aero, which is on the high side for a two-seat VFR training aircraft. However, the operating costs are said to be much lower – around $7 worth of electricity for one hour’s flying and with maintenance costs much reduced.

The B23 Energic prototype was flown to Friedrichshafen for this week’s AERO event from Sion, Switzerland where the electric propulsion system developer, H55, is based.

H55 and Bristell expect EASA certification by early 2025 and will be supplying the first batch of production aircraft to a select group of flight schools and pilot training academies at an ‘advantageous’ price. The standard price is 400,000 euro, with a change of battery system required after 1,500 cycles costing 100,000 euro.

The Energic has a max take-off weight of 850kg, similar to the conventionally powered B23, 60 minutes of endurance, plus reserves, and an hour charge time.

The B23 airframe is already certified as a CS-23 aircraft and being flown in many flight schools. H55 says it has already secured production and design certification approval, and the propulsion and battery technology has received EASA’s acceptance for its Compliance Check List (CCL).

“The CCL is a significant step towards formal certification of H55’s entire electric propulsion system in the CS-23 general aviation category which includes the motor, motor controller, battery packs and energy management systems and paves the way for aircraft up to 19 seats,” said H55.

“We are thrilled to bring the B23 Energic aircraft to the market as the first CS-23 certified electric airplane,” said André Borschberg, Executive Chairman of H55.

“BRM was one of our first customers. Our partnership represents a huge step towards realizing electric aviation as well as underscoring our shared commitment to a sustainable future in aviation. These electric flight trainers will pave the way for the development of larger electric aircraft needed to decarbonize air transportation.”

Bristell B23 Energic Performance

Standard mission at MTOW: 6 school circuits, equivalent to a standard 1-hour flight school flight with 30min reserve at cruise power, ISA+ 10°C
Maximum take-off weight 850kg
Payload 190kg
Climb rate at max. power 800ft/min
Stall speed 845kt
Max cruise speed 110kt
Charging time/flight time 1/1 in standard conditions



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