Engine failure? Press Smart Glide

Garmin Smart Glide

+VIDEO Engine failure is an emergency pilots are taught to handle but now Garmin has a tool to help: Smart Glide.

Smart Glide will automate tasks to reduce pilot workload during an engine failure. It can be activated by either a dedicated button or by holding down the Direct-to button for two seconds.

You’ll need compatible avionics, such as Garmin’s GTN Xi series navigators, Smart Glide provides assistance to the pilot by recommending a suitable airport estimated to be within glide range, as well as providing critical information to the pilot and optimizing select avionics settings, helping save the pilot precious time and workload.

When paired with a compatible Garmin autopilot, Smart Glide can automatically engage the autopilot and pitch for the aircraft’s best glide speed while simultaneously navigating the aircraft within the vicinity of the selected airport so the pilot can execute an approach and landing.

However, if there’s no airfield within glide range, Smart Glide provides an aural and visual alert to the pilot, while continuing to search for an airport in range, and automatically pitching for configured best glide speed in aircraft equipped with a compatible Garmin autopilot.

“Garmin continues to provide pilots with safety-enhancing tools through our Autonomí family of technologies that help simplify emergencies to reduce the workload required during these task-saturated and stressful situations,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin vice president of aviation sales and marketing.

In certified aircraft, Smart Glide will become available with a GTN Xi series navigator paired with a compatible Garmin flight display including the G500 TXi/G600 TXi, GI 275 electronic flight instrument, the G3X Touch, or G5 electronic flight instrument, with others to be added later.

Compatible Garmin autopilots such as GFC 500 or GFC 600 can be automatically engaged when Smart Glide is activated.

For aircraft without a compatible Garmin autopilot, Smart Glide will still provide critical information and features to help manage engine emergencies and help to reduce pilot workload. Permit aircraft with G3X Touch and a G3X autopilot can also enable Smart Glide technology when appropriately equipped.

Smart Glide is expected to be available as a software upgrade at no additional charge from Garmin on compatible systems in August 2021. The optional Garmin Smart Glide activation button is also available for a list price of $129.



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