eVTOL maker Opener looking for 12 Blackfly disciples

Twelve disciples wanted… sound familiar? This time it’s US company Opener looking for 12 buyers for its Blackfly electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (evTOL) ultralight.

Opener has spent ten years so far developing the highly unusual Blackfly, which is equipped with the company’s own tilt-aircraft technology. Yes, that’s right – ‘tilt-aircraft’.

“We have a sound and novel aircraft design,” said Ken Karklin, CEO of Opener.

“Opener’s EAP [Early Access Programme for the 12 buyers – Ed] establishes a two-way communication channel to inform how we address customer concerns, refine features, and optimise the overall user experience.

“Our close partnership with early adopters is a huge step toward moving us closer to general release and fulfilling the promise of personal aerial freedom.”


Tim Lum, the first Blackfly owner

And the first of those early adopters is Tim Lum, a rescue specialist and flight paramedic.

Tim said, ““Flight in a BlackFly is amazing. Even though I’ve been in and around aircraft for years, this is my first time as an official VTOL pilot.

“And the connection with my BlackFly goes well beyond the aircraft itself. It’s all the things that Opener does to assist me — from extensive flight training to delivery and ongoing support. The level of hands-on service is off the charts.”

To join The Blackfly 12, each participant must meet the EAP selection criteria, including:

  • Live in the United States
  • Have access to Class G airspace
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be able to commit time to training and programme development

“Members of the EAP cohort become a part the world’s first eVTOL owners group,” said Opener. “They are a part of the future of electric aviation and will be treated with top-tier product, service, training and support.”

BlackFly is designed to comply with the US FAA Part 103 (Ultralight) category, which supports consumer recreation and short-hop travel, and is flyable in Class G airspace over uncongested areas. No pilot certificate is required.

Opener Blackfly



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