AERO22 around the halls

AERO Friedrichshafen 2022: Around The Halls

What can be found around the halls at AERO Friedrichshafen? The FLYER team discovers weird and wonderful tech and more…

The amazing eMagic One is the creation of Michael Kügelgen, and is a personal eVtol that can fly conventionally using winged lift and a 40kW electric motor driving a tractor propeller, and eight 15kW motors for vertical lift. The aircraft has one hour's flight endurance.
Tecnam P2010 H3PS
Tecnam Aircraft, Rolls-Royce and Rotax collaborated to create the P2010 H3PS hybrid power technology demonstrator. It's the first General Aviation aircraft with a parallel hybrid configuration to fly. There's an electric motor behind the Rotax that connects to the engine's crankshaft to provide a power boost for take-off, and start the engine. The engine then charges a battery in cruise. THe combination saves weight and offers greater efficiency than the 200hp conventional four-cylinder aircraft engine it replaces.
JMB VL3 Turbine
A really sharp-looking machine, and one of the stars of the show, the JMB VL3 Turbine fitted with TurboTech's turboprop engine will cruise at 156kt burning a remarkable 19 litres an hour.
King Air 360
If you needed the 'go-large' option at AERO, then Beechcraft have the King Air 360 to help with that…
A splash of British homebuilding colour was well provided by Andy McKee and his well-travelled Silence Twister.
A beautiful example of the homebuilder's art, this Breezy (you can guess why it has that name…) is powered by a converted Mazda RX-7 Wankel car engine.
Alpi Aviation twin
How about a new twin - this is Alpi Aviation's Pioneer Twin, which will be able to use a variety of Rotax engines up to the 141hp 915iS.
Extra 300 NG
Extra Aircraft are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year, and have also delivered their 800th aircraft.
Blackshape Gabriel
Blackshape Gabriel - Winner of the viewers' vote (and Jonny's choice) on Thursday night's FLYER Livestream Fantasy Hangar
Zara spotted
Look who's at AERO! Yes, the real Zara Rutherford is on the Shark stand (as well as a life-size cardboard cut-out)
Magni M26
Latest gyrocopter from Magni is the M26. It has two seats in tandem, powered by a Rotax 915iS and the finish is immaculate
Texan replica
Fancy a three-quarter scale version of a Textron Texan T6-A, the USAF and Navy trainer? This is made by Squadron Leader Aircraft of Italy, and is constructed mostly from aluminium with some composite non-structural parts. It's powered by a Rotax 912 Turbo. It's an awkward weight at 650kg max takeoff, meaning it's over the 600kg microlight limit though the company says it's working on a 600kg version.
Chongqing Zongshen engine

Chinese company Chongqing is displaying this C145HT unit in the Flieger Engine Display. It’s a pretty good copy of a Rotax 912 producing a claimed 107kW. Chongqing is linked to RED Aircraft, makers of the V12 turbodiesel, as their agent in China, but there are no plans to import the C145HT to Europe… yet.

Seagull hybrid
The Seagull is a new seaplane from Italian company Novotech, aimed at both civilian and military customers. It's an ambitious project with a two-seater powered by a choice of propulsion systems: electric, hybrid and internal combustion. There's even a vertical take-off and landing version mooted for the future.
Ikarus C42 electric
Ikarus Comco is showing an electric version of its popular C42 microlight, which uses a propulsion system from Geiger Engineering giving 50kW max continuous power and 74kW for take-off. It has 8 lithium battery packs weighing 15kg each that are good for 60 minutes flight leaving 15 minutes reserve.
SW151-51 Mustang
Mustang in miniature! The Scalewings SW-51 Mustang in its rivet perfect glory.
Xaeros hybrid engine at AERO22
A new product, Xaeros plans to offer its 200 Hybrid as a direct swap to conventional aviation engines. Two V2 four-stroke motors combine with an electric motor on a single shaft, with Fadec control. System power is 270hp, with a maximum continuous power of 160hp. Xaeros is actively seeking investors.
Heron turbine
There are TWO turbine engines for light aircraft at AERO. This is the Heron Turboprop which, like the TurboTech turbine, produces 130shp but is more compact. However, fuel burn is 40 litres/hour.
JH Corsair
JH Aircraft's latest iteration of its Corsair SSDR, powered by electric motor and... and!... it will have folding wings, just like the real Corsair! How cool is that!
SWan ultralight
The Swan SSDR known as the 'Dracula' powered by either a 30hp petrol engine or electric motor. The giving (or taking of) blood isn't essential...
RED V12 engine
As if the replica Junkers wasn't enough for aviation mad Dieter Morszeck, he also owns and runs WACO Aircraft and this gorgeous YMF-5D is on the stand.
Aquila 414
Aquila has been promising a four-seater for a while and brought along this mock-up. No date for the finished aircraft though.
Tensor 600X
Is it a plane? Is it a gyrocopter? The Tensor 600X combines qualities of both, with a range of 600km and a max cruise speed of 200km/h. Engine is the now ubiquitous Rotax 915iS.
restored pair
This pair of red beauties catch the eye in one corner. On the right is an instantly recognisable Beech Staggerwing but who knows what the aircraft on the left is? FLYER's Ed Hicks, of course. It's a Klemm 35, modified to single cockpit with a more powerful engine.
UL520T engine
ULPower's latest engine is the UL520T. It's turbocharged but just to 'normalise' it for higher altitudes. Max power is 220hp up to 15,000ft.

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