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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh '22: Around The Show

There’s so much to see at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh and we’ll keep adding to this page as we discover new (and old) things.

RV-15 space
Day 1 starts and there's a big space on the Van's Aircraft stand for the much-awaited new RV-15 - due to be revealed later
Stars n Stripes
What country is Oshkosh in? Oh yes, I remember... 210hp Xtreme Decathlon shows its colours
One week wonder
Do you know what it is yet? The One Week Wonder build gets going
Oshkosh tower
Yep, Oshkosh is one busy airfield this week
Timber Tiger PT-22
The Timber Tiger ST-L, a 95% replica of a Ryan PT-22 and created by Nick Pfannenstiel. The project has appeared at Oshkosh since 2015 but it's the first time we've seen the aircraft complete and flying
Great Lakes
Compact, stylish and aerobatic... gorgeous new build Great Lakes
EP electric motor
Electric Power Systems (EPS) is on the Diamond stand showing its propulsion system for the electric eDA40. Motor is from Safran while EPS produces the battery and system controls. It was completed just days before the show opened
Oshkosh 2022
Oshkosh starting to fill up with aircraft and campers
Enstrom helicopter
Enstrom Helicopter is back in business showing this 480B
Comanche 400
Award-winning highly polished classic Piper Comanche 400, fitted with a flat-8 IO-720 engine
Now with paint! YouTuber Steve Thorne, better known as Flight Chops has had his RV-14 painted… and it's pretty smart!
Public debut of the news Sub Sonex JSX-2T - offers two-seats and turbine power
The Van's RV-15 Engineering prototype arrived… and was immediately mobbed!
Perlan Project Perlan II glider has flown to over 76,000 feet…
Weird but cool Dyke Delta homebuilts… the design is 50 years old this year.
50 Van's RVs flew a fabulous formation to open Monday's airshow and help celebrate the company's 50th anniversary.
Kick back and watch the airshow…
Beautiful Waco SRE restoration found in Vintage…
Cockpit of the Van's RV-15 engineering prototype
A display of Van's RVs on Boeing Plaza to celebrate the 50th anniversary
Yes please, we'd love this freshly restored Beech Staggerwing…
MOAC Legend Cub
The 'Mother Of All Cubs' from American Legend powered by a 195hp Titan IO-390 engine
Scalewings Mustang OSH22
ScaleWings is showing its SW-51 in the USA for the first time - and interest is high in the home of the original Mustang
Fancy a stealth fighter? Of course, the Archon kit is now available in the US
Who snuck this lovely Luscombe 8 in? Bet it was DC...
A gorgeous Clipwing Monocoupe racer and a Brunner-Winkle Bird. The Bird's first owner was Charles Lindbergh, who bought it in September 1930 for his wife to complete her pilot training
The new Daher Kodiak 900.
Oshkosh 22
Wittman Field was pretty full by Tuesday…
Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 Wr. Nr. 410077 is an absolutely perfect restoration by Midwest Aero Restorations from Danville, Illinois. Powered by its original Daimler Benz DB 605, the aircraft is arguably the most original and authentic airworthy example of its type.
Cool Cat line-up of Grumman Bearcat, Hellcat and Wildcat.
World's biggest glider tug… Rare Grob Egrett made an appearance alongside the Airbus Perlan Project glider.
Some flying dreams start with an advert on a board at Osh…
It wouldn't be Oshkosh without lots of P-51 Mustangs…
Homebuilders art here is often more than skin deep…
Future warbird pilot get's some stick time…
top gun sim
Fancy being Top Gun in an F/A18 Hornet? Here's the sim...
Celebration Way
Celebration Way is one of the main thoroughfares through the event. Here's what it looks like from the upper deck at Cirrus
One of the three Sling Highwings that arrived at the show on Wednesday, having flown to Oshkosh from South Africa.
Homebuilders take note…the latest big screen EFIS in town is the 6600 from Advance Flight Systems.
Piper Aircraft are celebrating their 85th anniversary this year at Osh.
Wednesday night means one of the week's two night airshows… with plenty of fireworks for the finale!

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