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#FLY2023 Retrospective

After the success of our #fly2023 campaign, we thought we’d also share some images from the FLYER Forum thread on the subject.

Russ Pinder – Winner of #fly2023

  • 40 airfields
  • 17 new airfields
  • 6,040 minutes

“Highlights of the year were the 23rd airfield (well past 2023 minutes) to meet the challenge which just happened to be Le Touquet with my better half, taking her abroad has been a goal ever since I started flying and this was the first time we’d done it.”


  • 58 airfields visited
  • 34 new
  • 133.6hrs (8016 minutes)

“An amazing first year with my new Permit to Fly homebuilt Sling TSi. More hours than I have ever flown in a year by a long way.”

Martin Leusby

  • 45 airfields
  • 13 new airfields
  • 5,928 minutes (numbers reported at 29 October 2023)
“Leaving New Farm, dropped into Leicester, to use the Flyer Landing Voucher and pick up some oil. A few days later our local resilience forum asked me to take their Ukrainian liaison officer for a jolly to reward her hard work looking after 55 families. How could I refuse?” Pictured above.

Melanie Moxon

  • 23 airfields visited
  • 2,760 minutes flown


  • 33 airfields
  • 4 new airfields
  • 7,975 minutes logged

“Now approaching my 62nd year of flying (I’m not quite as old as ‘DKC built 1936!) In 2023 I managed 7975 mins visited 33 airfields which 4 were new. Milestone was en route Fenland to Hinderclay Meadows during the DH Moth tour I passed the magic 10000 hrs.”


  • 60 airfields
  • 25 new airfields
  • 4,945 minutes

“2023 hasn’t been a great year but with the help of a couple of overseas holidays I managed to log 4945 minutes.


  • 16 airfields visited
  • 1,985 minutes flown

I have managed some great flying this year. I again managed to fly dozens of BIA students, many of whom had never flown before, which is always rewarding. We did a great trip down to the Pyrenees in February, which is something both Ms SD and I wanted to do to see the snowy mountain landscape. We first headed to Lourdes/Tarbes before flying a loop around Bagneres de Luchon and Peyresourde.

To read up on what others did throughout 2023, just head to our FLYER Forum thread here.

So, what’s the challenge for 2024?


We’re challenging pilots to fly 2,000nm, introduce 2 new people to general aviation, and fly to 4 new airfields! 


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