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Summer finally made an appearance! Permits have been renewed, fly-ins have started, the sun has shone… and pilots seem to be making the most of it. As always, thanks to all of you for your photos…

Michael Peare – Damp weather at Squamish, B.C., but getting some flying in.
Graham Kehily – Taking part in a commemoration of 617 Squadron’s D-Day Operation Taxable, in conjunction with the Worthing Yacht Club.
Nick Hubbard – Taking my son and his girlfriend up for his birthday in a Piper Warrior, Gamston, Notts.
Kate Irvine – St Ninian’s beach Shetland, en route from Tingwall.
Martin J Jones – Quick flight over Brač in Croatia.
Rob Evans – A dash in a Van's a week or so ago just as a squadron of vintage aircraft flew into Sleap. Mike, the owner, built the Van's and I painted it.
Tom Wielkopolski – Gemmi pass, 9200ft, Sion to Neuchatel.
Catherine Ruddick – Three hours training recently at Popham and Goodwood to get type converted onto my Luscombe with many landings!
Bruce Ballard – Big crosswind on approach to a short strip near Bury St Edmunds a couple of weeks ago. Don’t you love the VOR:ILS on the P2 side? Makes for an interesting instrument scan on approach.
Riccardo De Nardis – Kate, my partner, at L'Aquila during the Raduno, with Tiffany the dog – also on the trip!
Mick Ward – Almost got a flight in this lovely lady…
Iain Christie – An image I can’t quite believe! Yep, me, solo, flying an actual aeroplane! Tuesday at EGBG, landing a trusty school 152 in lovely summer evening conditions.
Melanie Moxon – At Little Snoring, following a rather warm flight from Sherburn.
Nick Stone – Formation flight over Rutland Water with some visiting US pilots.
Rachel Ramsay in a hot air balloon!
Emma Taylor – Just after I arrived into Daedalus Airport for the 80th D-Day event with LB375.
Steph Smith – Took the Rearwin out to Old Warden before starting the permit renewal.
Chris Fopp – A beautiful photo of me landing with a mate's son on his 21st birthday, taken by Lorcan Richardson.
Emma Taylor – A quick (quite literally) recharge before carrying out more of my electric aircraft differences training back in April.
Az Baldwin – First time for me flying over Portsmouth.
Paul Wheal – After a late start due to the soggy spring, we are trying to visit 60 different airfields in our 60-year-old 172 ‘Winnie’.
Sean McRandle – Flying in a 1926 Travelair with a Stearman as wingman.
Sean McRandle – Flying in a 1926 Travelair with a Stearman as wingman.
Dave White – Inbound to Cannes from Reims, en route to the Raduno.
Bev Reardon – Severn Estuary on Saturday. Opened the window, got a face full of cloud, then struggled to close it for a good five minutes!
Tim Cook – Flying back from a few days away in the Isle of Man.
Edward Hicks – Doing some surfing…
Simon Ludlow – Formatting on my own aircraft while flying a friend's, with Ashley Collins.
David Joyce – A Chipmunk over the Peak District, taken from another Chippy.
Jimmy Mack – Sitting in for a positioning flight, enjoying a calm evening sky.
Derek Pake – Starting my 2024 Pooleys Dawn to Dusk Challenge.
Graham Kehily – Passing St Tropez last week in a PA28 from Cannes.
Paul Wheal – Over Avebury on the Solstice.
Ian Gallacher – Glider flying at RAF Shawbury.
Ian Gallacher – En route over Poland. Photo, taken by Tim Dews, shows me flying one of his Grob 109bs.
Clive Mason at sunset.
Matt Lanham – Tailwheel differences training.
John Tye – Arriving at Alderney.
Tam Carr – A very quiet Strathallan.
George Bayliss leading Keir Williams and Jonny Salmon.
Phill Petitt – With the Cat.

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