Flying the Fisk Approach at Oshkosh
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Flying the Fisk Approach

There’s only one thing better than visiting Oshkosh and that’s arriving at Oshkosh after flying its famous Fisk approach, says Ian Seager.

For one week a year Oshkosh becomes the busiest airport in the world, accommodating averaging a take-off and landing every 30 seconds, often with simultaneous arrivals to various runways.

At busy times, the controllers ask inbound pilots to ‘rock their wings’ for identification and then to land on one of the coloured dots so that more than one aircraft can land safely on the same runway at the same time.

The radio can be a continuous stream of instructions, and any curved balls such as adverse weather or large formations only make things more interesting. All of it is handled professionally by the crack team of volunteer controllers who, when wandering the show during their time off, can be identified by the pink polo shirts they all wear!

We drove to Oshkosh from Chicago but met up with Ivy McIver, Director of the SR22 product line at Cirrus, to fly the famous Fisk arrival in a brand new SR22. Here’s the video:


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