Lightspeed Delta Zulu: the next big leap in aviation headsets?

Has Lightspeed just made the next quantum leap for aviation headsets? The US company has today launched its new ANR Delta Zulu headset with a raft of new features including a built-in Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector and HearingEQity, a system which tests your hearing and balances the sound in each ear.

Lightspeed has always been known for its high-end, smart headsets but the Delta Zulu appears to catapult them into a new league.

Lightspeed said, “Delta Zulu launches the next generation of aviation headsets and provides powerful safety and customization features layered on top of industry-leading ANR technology, to create a whole new category of devices we have named ‘safety wearables’.

“This next generation of aviation headsets provides functions never before available around safety, personalization, and a new level of environmental data availability and analysis. This new family of devices will enhance flying enjoyment but, most importantly, will help save pilots lives!”

That’s a bold claim but a built-in CO detector could do just that. Having a CO detector close to where the pilot is breathing makes a lot of sense. Lightspeed is using what it calls ‘Kanari smart alert technology’. This measures cabin carbon monoxide levels and provides an audible warning through the headset if levels are high. There’s an associated Lightspeed App to check the CO sensor data visually during flight and review the full history later.

Of course, the sound through the headset is vital too and here Lightspeed’s new Delta Zulu introduces a built-in audio equalisation system called HearingEQity said to “ensure crystal clear flight communication”.

Lightspeed explained, “Through an automated 12-frequency hearing test that can be taken through the Lightspeed App, HearingEQity sets the hearing level in each ear of your headset to create your individual hearing profile to compensate for any hearing variations between ears.”

That Lightspeed App is a powerful aid as it also allows you to record radio conversations, playback transmissions, draw diagrams, and archive flight recordings for post-flight briefing and training.

Like other Lightspeed headsets, the Delta Zulu has high performance ear seals, cables built around a Kevlar core, full Bluetooth integration, and a 7-year warranty. It weighs 14.9oz (422gm) and comes with a carrying case, single port wall charger, lithium-ion battery cartridge, AA battery cartridge, UAC to USB-A cable, a cord shirt clip, and a set of personalised icon chips to distinguish multiple headsets. List price is $1,099 and shipping starts later this month.



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