First flight for Junkers Junior A50

The stunningly elegant and simple Junkers Junior A50 had its maiden flight just before Christmas.

The microlight, which seeks to recreate a 1930s German sport aircraft, took off in a ‘little more than 100 metres’, according to the factory statement.

The Junkers Junior A50 is powered by a Rotax 912iS and is expected to cruise at about 190km/h (102kt) burning just 15 litres of fuel per hour. The manaufacturer, Junkers Flugzeugwerke, is aiming for German approval in the 600kg microlight category.

Junkers Junior A50

Junkers Junior A50

Wingspan 9.7m (32 ft)
Length 7.1m (23 ft 4in)
Height 2.4m (7 ft 9in)
Empty mass 320kg (705 lb)
MTOW 600kg (1323 lb)
Engine Rotax 912iS, producing 100hp
Propeller MTV-33-1-A
Tank volume 120 litres
Cruising speed 185km/h (100kt)
Top speed 205km/h (111kt)
Stall speed 76km/h (41kt)

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