FlyDOO launches ballooning without the hassle

FlyDOO balloon

+VIDEO Ballooning is a type of flying that has a certain appeal – and certain drawbacks. Floating quietly across the countryside and making all the dogs bark has to compete with the hassle of all that gear and the difficulty of not knowing where you going to end up.

Well, that could be about to change with the launch of FlyDOO, described as a light sport balloon.

Not only is FlyDOO compact and manageable by one person, it can also be steered thanks to an engine and propeller mounted on the side. Think outboard motor for a balloon.

“The FlyDOO revolution is here to bring the joy of the most ancient form of human flight to a wide audience, delivering a modern feature-filled product that has been designed to be easy to use, safe, accessible and fun, for a new race of outdoor sports enthusiasts!” said Leandro Corradini, founder and CEO of the French startup.

“Finished are the days when a hot air balloon required a car trailer, a ground crew and a garage!

“Each part of a FlyDOO is the lightest, most compact and easiest to manipulate ever designed in its category, and you can easily fold, pack, transport and stock your gear in an apartment!

“FlyDOO’s V.T.U. (Vectored Thrust Unit) offers you the freedom of steering, the peace of mind of knowing you will land where you want.”

FlyDOO balloon

FlyDOO is based at Tallard, France and will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise investment to develop the company.



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