Aerobility's Neil Tucker on the FLYER Livestream

The phrase ‘an arm and a leg’ takes on a different meaning for Neil Tucker!  Listen to his (painful) route to gaining his PPL with Aerobility

Neil Tucker has always had a love of aviation; he took his first solo flight at the age of 18 and, following a 34 year break, flew solo again in 2019.

Neil is, however, a very different person to his teenage self. In 2014, following a horrific motorcycle accident where he almost lost his life, he ended up profoundly disabled. Amongst other things, losing a leg and the use of his left arm. Determined to fly again, despite many ‘naysayers’ his recent solo was a very special achievement and worthy of celebration, no matter how unorthodox!

Neil said, “…the sense of achievement was incredible and only possible because of the team at Aerobility and you know what? It’s not just about beating up clouds, which is cool, but, equally important is the community spirit that grabs you as soon as you walk in through the door. Aerobility has put my head in a really good place, a place that now looks forward to the future rather than fearing it.”

Neil gained his PPL late in 2019 and now looks forward to helping Aerobility change other people’s lives. “Like they changed mine.”


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