Garmin expands connected services with PlaneSync

Garmin PlaneSync

Garmin has launched a new system for updating avionics databases called PlaneSync – and it has a whole bunch of other functions useful to pilots.

PlaneSync automatically updates avionics databases, logs flight and engine data, and allows aircraft owners and operators to remotely check fuel and systems status via the Garmin Pilot app.

It’s best explained in this Garmin video:

PlaneSync uses a 4G cellular or Wi-Fi connection provided by the new GDL 60 datalink to remotely check the aircraft’s fuel and systems status, while the same connectivity can be used to download database updates and upload logged flight and engine data.

It’s compatible with popular Garmin avionics such as GTN Xi series navigators, TXi series flight displays, GI 275 electronic flight instruments and select Garmin integrated flight decks.

There’s more to come in early 2024. PlaneSync will automatically transmit engine and flight log data1 to secure cloud storage after landing. Owners can view this data on devices running the Garmin Pilot app or on and have the ability to download the log files for maintenance team viewing. The data log can include GPS position and speed, attitude information as well as engine data when appropriately equipped.

The GDL 60 datalink also offers Garmin Connext device connectivity, allowing pilots to connect their compatible app or portable device and interface them to the avionics to transfer flight plans and stream weather, traffic, attitude information and other data5.

The GDL 60 can also act as an interface to a GSR 56 satellite transceiver, allowing pilots to have in-flight text messaging or voice calls via the Garmin Pilot app.

Data streamed to compatible devices and apps can include:

  • ADS-B Traffic and Weather
  • SiriusXM Weather and Audio Control
  • GSR 56 Weather and Messaging
  • GPS and Attitude Data
  • Engine and Flight Data

PlaneSync technology is also expected to be available for retrofit installations in Q3 2023.



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