GoPro camera mounts to be approved by engineer

GoPro aircraft mount

New advice for mounting small video cameras such as a GoPro to a non EASA certified aircraft has been issued by the CAA. The attachment will need to be inspected by a Part66 licensed aircraft engineer or via the CAA as a minor modification to the aircraft. The policy does not apply to hand-held carry-on cameras nor devices worn by the pilot.

To approve any installation the engineer will need to complete a maintenance release checklist and complete the aircraft logbook entry. For aircraft overseen by the British Microlight Aircraft Association or Light Aircraft Association, then those organisations’ requirements apply, said the CAA.

The CAA intends to provide a copy of this CAA policy document to EASA for potential inclusion in a future update to CS-STAN so that the camera mount policy can be extended to EASA aircraft.

“If EASA does update CS-STAN we will review whether further updates should be made to this guidance,” said the CAA. “In the interim the current EASA rules will continue to apply for EASA Aircraft and Modification approval will still need to be sought via EASA HQ for camera installations.”

Video on GoPro mounts by NFlightcam

CAA camera mounts policy document



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