HeliTrak demos new R22 safety devices

R22 safety devices

VIDEO HeliTrak has demonstrated two new safety devices for Robinson’s R22 two-seat helicopter at this week’s AEA International Convention & Trade Show in Orlando, USA. They are a Collective Pull Down (CPD) and the final version of an autopilot.

“Coupling both products creates significant improvement in flight safety,” said the company.

The CPD automatically pulls down the collective when a low rotor RPM warning occurs. This allows the pilot more time to react to a power loss, such as engine failure. The collective is pulled down in about a half second, enabling the helicopter to enter autorotation for a forced landing. The CPD is initially available for the Robinson R22, and other rotorcraft are under development.

The HeliTrak Autopilot is a lightweight, affordable system loaded with safety features, continued HeliTrak. It has a built-in Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) and triple redundant sensor suite to allow for Unusual Attitude Recovery. The autopilot also performs continuous Low-G Warning.

“This two-axis autopilot is completely self-contained eliminating the need to purchase any other equipment, such as a GPS, EFIS, ADAHRS or special gyros,” said a HeliTrak spokesperson. “It has an easily readable LED display and all controls are conveniently mounted on the cyclic stick for thumb operation. The main processor and actuators are installed under the seat leaving ample room for storage.

“The autopilot has two operational modes: Heading & Altitude Hold and Heading & Speed Hold. The thumb controls allow the operator to change altitude, speed and heading without taking a hand off the controls.”



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