Hundreds sign petition to save Plymouth Airport

Plymouth Airport
Plymouth Airport: aviation infrastructure is still there

Hundreds of people have signed a petition calling for the site of closed Plymouth Airport to be protected for aviation use.

The existing ‘safeguarding’ for the site is due to expire in March. The leaseholders, local property development company Sutton Harbour Group, closed the airport 13 years ago and want to build on the site.

Plymouth City Council, which sold SHG the lease, is threatening legal action accusing SHG is being in breach of its lease by refusing to operate the airport.

The petition was started by Danny Bamping who is an independent candidate in Plymouth elections.

The petition says:

“For nearly 15 years, the people of Plymouth have been without their airport. This loss has not only deprived us of a valuable resource but also stripped away a part of our community’s identity. We believe it is high time to protect and reestablish the 113-acre site known as ‘Plymouth Airport’ purely for aviation use.

“The airport was once a bustling hub that connected Plymouth to the rest of the UK and beyond, contributing significantly to our local economy. Since its closure, we’ve seen a decline in tourism and business opportunities that were once facilitated by this vital transport link.

“In addition, airports play an essential role in emergency services such as air ambulances and firefighting aircraft – services which could be critical for our community during times of crisis.”

The petition is here:



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