Jetson One goes on sale - and sells out!

Jetson One

+VIDEO The Jetson single person electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) flying machine has gone on sale at $92,000. However, the entire production for 2022 and 2023 has already sold out.

Jetson has also announced its new Research & Development and Production siste in Arezzo, Tuscany on a private airfield south of Florence, with an 800 metre airstrip and an adjacent industrial facility. Jetson is also creating a ‘client experience center and pilot school’ in the Tuscany countryside, ‘surrounded by vineyards and stunning Tuscan architecture’.

“The Tuscan climate allows for perfect flight testing conditions and the 800 metre airstrip means we can continue to fly daily. Any customer who has received an assigned chassis number will be invited in the Spring of 2023,” said the company.

The Jetson One is constructed from carbon fibre and aluminium, and has eight motors and propellers.

“Our unique flight computer makes flying extremely easy,” continued a Jetson statement. “Your left hand controls altitude, while the right controls direction. An intuitive system that makes everyone a pilot in less than five minutes.”

Flight time when fully charged is 20 minutes, charging takes 1 hour on 220 volts, 2 hours on 110v.

Jetson Tuscany

Jealous? Us? Jetson One at the company’s new base in Arezzi, Tuscany

The Jetson has the support of Tecnam’s Head opf R&D Fabio Russo. He wrote on Linkedin, “This is how all startups should be! An idea, a product with an existing market, real specifications without hyperbolic wishes on performances, and attractive for investments/investors WHILE generating turnover! In this strange aviation era it is very frequent to see the exact opposite flow, so congratulations Jetson and stay always with feet on the ground (yet flying)!”



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