Junkers shows new A60 two-seater and reveals JU-52 project

Junkers A60
Junkers A60 proof of concept aircraft shown at AERO. Photos: Ed Hicks

The new Junkers Aircraft Company sprang two early surprises at the AERO General Aviation show being staged at Friedrichshafen, Germany this week.

The first was the A60, a two-seater with side-by-side seating and retractable undercarriage which will go into production next year. Like its stablemate, the Junior A50, the A60 meets the criteria for the 600kg microlight class and is powered by a 100hp Rotax 912iS engine. It can be operated with an open cockpit or enclosed.

Junkers A60 and A50

Junkers A50 and A60

The 1930s inspired A50 meanwhile is expected to receive approval from the German aviation authority, the DULV, as a 600kg microlight this summer. The first 29 aircraft will be priced at €179,000 and one-third have already been sold.

The second big surprise was the announcement of a new project to build replicas of the famous three-engine Junkers JU-52, reengined with three RED A03-005 V12 diesels each producing 550hp.

Junkers JU-52 replica

Yes, Junkers is planning to develop a three-engine JU-52 NG

The JU-52 NG, will be built using the same corrugated aluminium sheet metal skin over a hollow frame. The fuselage can be configured to hold six cargo pallets or 14 passengers, or a mix of the two. Avionics will also be modern, from Garmin and include both VFR and IFR options.

Figures released so far by Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG, claim a max take-off weight of 8,616kg, cruise speed of 180km/h (97kt) and a fuel burn of 77 litres/hour for each engine.

RED V12 engine

The JU-52 NG will have modern engines – the 550hp RED A03-005 V12 diesel

“This aircraft is simpler in operational handling than any other of its kind,” said a Junkers statement.

“No complex systems for refueling, no special equipment for loading and unloading, and flight characteristics that allow take-off and landings on short and unpaved areas.

“The absolute highlight, however, is the use of the JU-52 NG for sightseeing flights. There is no better aircraft than the JU-52 NG for this type of flight.

“Imagine sitting as one of 14 passengers in the JU-52 NG, each with their own window seat, flying slow and low in front of the New York skyline. An experience you will never forget!”

Junkers Flugzeugwerke



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