LAA approves uAvionix tailbeaconX and AV-30

uAvionix TailbeaconX

The uAvionix tailBeaconX and AV-30 multi-function display have been approved by the Light Aircraft Association (LAA). The announcement came as the LAA Grass Roots Fly-on opened at Popham Airfield this morning.

It means the uAvionix tailBeaconX 1090 MHz ADS-B transponder and AV-30 altitude encoder are an accepted equipment combination for ADS-B OUT in 2,600 aircraft for which LAA oversees airworthiness and an additional 1,500 home-built aircraft.

tailBeaconX is an integrated 1090 MHz ADS-B transponder that replaces a rear navigation light by combining it with an ADS-B OUT / Mode S transponder, SBAS GPS, antennas, and rear LED position light. It works with the uAvionix AV-30 multi-function display to be installed as the control head/altitude encoder.

In this configuration, the AV-30 is able to leverage the tailBeaconX SBAS GPS for its GPS track display. The AV-30 also offers the pilot added features such as an Attitude Indicator, Directional Gyro, AOA, and 12 more safety-enhancing features. uAvionix says it anticipates adding additional means of control through uAvionix and third-party devices.

Besides providing the safety and operational benefits of having ADS-B OUT for Air Traffic Control (ATC), tailBeaconX will enhance situational awareness for other aircraft equipped with ADS-B IN, including devices such as SkyEcho2 available under CAP1391 and receivers such as Sentry by Foreflight.

“With the significant growth of ADS-B in UK, tailBeaconX will offer a permanently installed ADS-B OUT solution for LAA aircraft,” said uAvionix, “while offering optimal visibility to other aircraft and drones in UK airspace equipped with ADS-B receivers.”


AV-30 multi-function display works with the tailbeaconX, below




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