Montenegro grows as a seaplane base with help from ICON


The tiny country of Montenegro in the Balkans is setting itself up as a seaplane and sport flying hub in eastern Europe. 

Montenegro has already restarted the International Seaplane Regatta known as MontAdria and has recently bought a new ICON A5 amphibious aircraft.

Seaplane flying in Montenegro dates back to 1913 when the Bay of Kotor, on the Adriatic Sea coast, was established as a seaplane base. After seaplane flying stopped during the communist years, it’s now coming back bit by bit.

“In July 2007, after years of pausing, we performed the first flights on the Skadar Lake and resumed seaplane flying activity in Montenegro,” said a statement from MontAdria.

“We are extremely proud of our concept of networking development of airfields and seaplane water sites as the basis for strategic development of General Aviation in Montenegro and in the Mediterranean region.”

The 2023 International Seaplane Regatta MontAdria will be held from 19-22 July with a packed schedule (see website) which involves flying to much of the country’s aviation heritage.

MontAdria organisers’ video

Jake Fenton of ICON Aircraft recently visited the organisers of the MontAdria and posted this on LinkedIn:

“Montenegro has incredible biodiversity packed tightly within its borders. In just 230 nautical miles, you can circumnavigate the entire country — experiencing mountains, glacial lakes, rivers, and beach fronts. A hidden gem for any adventure flyer or aviation enthusiast. With an ICON A5, this experience becomes bar none.

“I was fortunate to meet with both the Mayor of Podgorica and the International Seaplane Regatta MontAdria, as well as have a feature on national television to discuss their plans to use the A5 to not only revitalize seaplane flying as a whole, but to attract investors and develop Montenegro as a sport and water flying hub in Eastern Europe.

“As ICON Aircraft continues to expand internationally, I look forward to providing updates from these conversations. For now, flying the Balkans was certainly the highlight of both 2022 and my aviation career.

“Please enjoy these clips from my time abroad.”



  • Dragisa Raicevic says:

    International Seaplane Regatta MONTADRIA is the international event and the meeting point of seaplane aviators’ community united with enthusiasm and joy of unlimited freedom of flying over the places where history meets the great future of the seaplane aviation attractiveness.

    MONTADRIA is aggregator and promoter of seaplane activities based on rich historical traditions, sport, cultural and touristic exchange of the rich experience among the aviators, aeroclubs, associations, operators and manufacturers from all over the world.

    We initiate reviving of seaplane activities “from zero” to a full scale in our region attracting other seaplane aviators to join us to our mission by designing the flying days and routes with performing of two successful international seaplane regattas with participating of 33 crews from 15 countries performed a land and water operations at around 20 prepared ground and water surfaces all around Montenegro unbelievably beautiful diverse countryside.

    Thank you for your article and you are welcome to join us anytime!
    Merry Christmas to all!

  • Dragisa Raicevic says:

    Our 2023 MONTADRIA Seaplane Regatta is dedicated to a 110 years since the first seaplane aviation activities started on the territory of Montenegro and the Bay of Kotor.

    We promise you unforgettable memories and emotions of full aviation symbiosis with a wild beauty nature of Montenegro and hospitality of its people and organisers.

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