More Staverton staff struggles

Gloucestershire Airport

The ATC staff shortages at Gloucestershire Airport continue to affect operations, with reduced capacity resulting in the introduction of ‘indemnity days’.

It was hoped that some of the issues could be alleviated by downgrading to an Air/Ground service when necessary but, in a recent  note, the airport told all operators that it had not been possible to secure either the necessary regulatory approvals or suitably qualified and experienced ROCC (Radio Operators Certificate of Competence) holders. Managing Director, Jason Ivey told FLYER that the Civil Aviation Authority had raised additional questions and requested some clarifications. Ivey told FLYER that the project was still very much in progress.

As a consequence of the shortages, coupled with the lack of approval to temporarily offer an Air/Ground service when required, a recent Airport Advice Notice advised all operators that on 21, 27 and 28 July, and 3, 4 and 10 August the airfield would effectively be closed to visitors as these would now be considered to be ‘indemnity days’, only open to residents who have completed the necessary forms and agreements. It is possible that these days could be extended beyond August.

In a recent video interview, Ivey, said that he hoped to fix the problem by recruiting five new air traffic controllers and, by March 2025, the airport would effectively be fully staffed if not overstaffed. a goal that Ivey told FLYER the airport is still working towards.

Meanwhile, all of this is taking place while the owners, Gloucester and Cheltenham councils, prepare to sell the airport. A full sales prospectus had been planned for June, but the snap General Election delayed that – and hopefully it should be available to interested parties sometime in August.


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