Must-watch video: '26,000 Days' with stunt pilot Eric Tucker

26000 days video

Sit down with a cup of tea and take nine minutes to watch this incredible video of stunt pilot Eric Tucker performing his airshow ‘dead stick’ routine and other flying tricks.

The film is called ‘26,000 Days’ after the number of days in an average life span. The message is clear: ‘Do something. Live while you can’.

Eric Tucker, display pilot

Eric Tucker, display pilot

Not that Eric Tucker is anything but highly talented when flying his Piper Cub. He’s the son of legendary airshow performer Sean D Tucker, and flies a Falcon business jet when not performing. Another of his airshow routines is to land the Cub on a pickup truck.

The new video is stunning, shot from a First Person View (FPV) drone operated by professional drone pilot Alex Vanover. Alex is also a drone racer and his skills match Eric Tucker’s in the way he tracks the Cub around the sky.

A word about the sound too, created by Mark Camperell. It’s just as perfectly timed.

Watch 26,000 Days here


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