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Aerocrafted Sideslip

This might be the most minimal utility knife available.

From $98

Just over 2.5 inches long, and 13grams in weight, Sideslip is a very high-quality addition to a pilot’s aircraft tools

The Aerocrafted guys are a small team of aerospace engineers, fabricators and pilots who live and work on the Central Coast of California, and the Sideslip utility knife is their first product. Inspired by years of building and flying experimental aircraft, they say simple aerospace solutions are often the most reliable, so they make their products with the same materials and methods they use within aviation.

Created to be a minimal knife for the pilots’ toolkit, Sideslip is made up of only two parts and uses a commonly available disposable utility blade. The unique design doesn’t include any fasteners, which means no tools are needed to switch out the blade. The skeletonised frame is made from durable Grade 5 titanium, while the slider uses low-friction bronze. Total weight is 13grams…

Available in right- or left-handed, versions, Sideslip also has a key ring and pocket clip.

The blade extends using a bronze slider
Blade retracted

Flyer Verdict

Very good, compact.


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