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Flightdeck Prose & Cons | A Pilot’s Life for Me | Return to the Skies

Flightdeck Prose & Cons

£9 |

Subtitled ‘Secrets from the little room at the front of the plane’, parts of this book are the reading equivalent of sharing many meals and drinks with a bunch of old experienced airline pilots while listening to their war stories. Other parts offer great learning points and practical advice. Well worth a read, particularly at this low price! 

A Pilot’s Life for Me

£25 |

If you are thinking of becoming a commercial pilot but don’t know where to start, this excellent book will give you the basics in an easily digestible form. It won’t give you all the answers (top hint – there’s no single answer that’s good for all), but it’s certainly a great starting point for further research. 

Return to the Skies

£15 |[email protected]

G-AVDF, the Beagle Pup prototype first flew in 1967, a British aircraft at the centre of light aviation. But by 1969 DF was left unwanted, and it wasn’t until 1993 that the airframe was saved. This book details all the challenges and the importantly the people behind the five year restoration.


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