RLM Collection moves

The RLM Aviation collection of Luftwaffe aircraft, parts and memorabilia, which was based at Fairoaks, has been bought by Peter Holloway, a resident private owner and display pilot. The collection will be moving to Old Warden.

The aircraft involved in the move are the FW44 Steiglitz G-STIG; Bucker Bu181 Bestmann – G-GLSU; Klemm 35D – N5050 and Fieseler Fi 156c1Storch – G-STCH.

No decisions have been made with regard to the various other projects aquired, with the exception of G-MESS Nord 1101 (Messerschmitt 208) which has been sold to a UK buyer.

Peter Holloway says: ‘I have worked long and hard to secure the RLM collection. I achieved it today. The financial commitment has been considerable. I would not have made this without the help, encouragement and commitment of The Shuttleworth Collection Trustees Chairman Tony Haig-Thomas, Chief Pilot Andy Sephton, Chief Engineer Jean Munn, Rob Millinship, Andy Jones, many friends – most especially Paul Ford, SVAS Volunteers and last, but not least, the lovely Nicky who has been there for me throughout. Without her unswerving loyalty and support it just wouldn’t have happened.

No decisions have been made regarding the rest of the collection – a large inventory of rare Luftwaffe instruments, engines, airframe parts and memorabilia. However, I hope that a significant proportion of it will eventually end up in UK Museums, some of whom bid unsuccesfully for individual items.’


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  • Su Palmer-Jones says:

    I would very much like to get in touch with Tony Haig-Thomas, whom I met when I was 17. Would you be able to pass on a message to him?

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