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Rotax 916iS power for Flight Design F4 four-seater

Flight Design F2
Flight Design did not have an F4 at AERO. This is a file shot from the launch of the F2/F4 back in 2019

Flight Design confirmed at AERO 2023 that it will power its upcoming four-seat F4 with the latest Rotax 916iS engine.

The Rotax 916iS can produce a maximum power output of 160hp for take-off, with max continuous power of 137hp. It can also burn multiple types of fuel including unleaded and leaded fuels including Avgas 100LL and ethanol 10 (E10) mogas.

The German manufacturer said the first flight of the F4 prototype is planned for the end of 2023, with EASA CS-23 certification expected for Q3/2024. The basic price is expected to be less than 400,000 euro.

The F4 is a sister project to the F2 two-seater, first announced in 2019, but has been delayed by the war in Ukraine where Flight Design had its main manufacturing facility in war-hit Kherson. The company has almost completed moving production to Sumperk in the Czech Republic.

Flight Design released some more details about the aircraft including a cabin width of 134cm, significantly wider than the Cessna 172 at 102cm and comparable to a Cirrus SR20’s 124cm.

The F4 will be equipped with advanced avionics, including the Garmin G3X suite and an autopilot system. It will be also certified as spin-resistant and equipped with an aircraft emergency parachute system and airbags.

Payload is claimed to be 450kg, range up to 1,400km (756nm) and cruise speed 145kt.

Flight Design


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