Shark 600kg microlight on way to UK

Zara Rutherford on her record-setting round-the-world flight

The Shark microlight flown around the world solo by both Zara and Mack Rutherford is to be brought to the UK by a new company, Shark Aero Ltd, formed by Norfolk-based The Light Aircraft Company (TLAC).

Shark Aero Ltd is based at Little Snoring Airfield in North Norfolk. It has signed an exclusive UK and Ireland distribution agreement with Shark Aero, the Czech-Slovak aircraft company and manufacturer of the world record holding Shark microlight.

Mack and Zara Rutherford chose the Shark for their individual solo round the world flights. The aircraft fits into the new 600kg microlight class.

Paul Hendry-Smith, boss of TLAC and now Shark Aero Ltd, said, “This ground breaking aircraft is for visionary pilots, pilots who are looking for the ultimate ride, both in speed, outstanding visibility, precise handling, automotive comfort and amazing endurance. Every single detail of the Shark is measured against the continuing goal to enhance aircraft performance and safety, making it the benchmark of high-performance aircraft.”

Shark 600kg microlight, as flown by Zara and Mack Rutherford round-the-world solo, is coming to the UK

Technical specifications
 Wing span  7,9 m
 Length  6,85 m
 Height  2,5 m
 Wing area  9,5 m²
 Engine  Rotax 912 S – 75 kW (100 HP)
 Empty weight  295 kg, (325 kg full options)
 Max. take-off weight  480 / 600 kg
 Max. permissible speed VNE  333 km/h
 Max. cruising speed VH  300 km/h
 Optimum cruising speed  250-270 km/h
 Stall speed, clean  80 km/h
 Stall speed, full flaps  64 km/h
 Max. climb rate at the MTOW  7,2 m/s
 Fuel capacity  100l
 Fuel consumption (economy flight)  15 l/h
 Maximum load factor  +4/-2
 Maximum ultimate  +6/-3

Shark Aero


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