Smart Glide available for Garmin G3X and G5

+VIDEO Garmin’s Smart Glide safety tool is now available as a software update for the G3X Touch and G5 electronic flight instrument in certified aircraft equipped with a GTN Xi series navigator.

In the event of the loss of engine power in a single-engine aircraft, Smart Glide will recommend a suitable airfield estimated to be within glide range, provide critical information to the pilot and optimise avionics settings.

When paired with a compatible Garmin autopilot, Smart Glide can automatically engage the autopilot and pitch for the aircraft’s best glide speed, while simultaneously navigating the aircraft within the vicinity of the selected airport so the pilot can execute an approach and landing.

Smart Glide is activated using an optional dedicated button or by holding the Direct-to button for two seconds, and considers several factors including runway length and condition, proximity, terrain and available weather in addition to current measured winds calculated by the primary flight display.

Alternate airfields within glide range can be selected by the pilot and, if there’s no airfield within glide range, Smart Glide provides an aural and visual alert to the pilot, while pitching for best glide speed and activating level mode in aircraft equipped with a compatible Garmin autopilot.

The Smart Glide Page of the GTN Xi displays glide speed based on the specific aircraft, airfield name, alternate airfield list, arrival above ground level (AGL) altitude, longest runway information including wind components if available.

The Glide Range Ring depicted on the Map Page shows airports within glide range and dynamically adjusts based on winds and terrain.

Garmin Smart Glide


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